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Is the Essential account Limited Risk?

Yes. In the event where the aggregate profit/loss on margin positions exceeds the cash balance, Saxo will reimburse the negative cash amount once the trades settle.


The reimbursement is based on the aggregate profit/loss across all margin positions and the existing cash. If, for example, the unrealised gains across positions were 4000 and the unrealised losses were 7000, and the cash balance was 2000 prior to the trades settling, then following settlement the cash balance would be -1000. Saxo will reimburse this amount.


Saxo will not reimburse any negative amounts booked to the account that are not related to margin losses, e.g. any amount that appears in transactions not booked on the day (such as the cash amount used for buying shares), or service fees such as market data fees.


Please refer to the Essential Account Terms for more information.


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